If you need more balance because it would be nice if your life is more than just some up’s and down’s.


If you need more energy because it would be nice if you do not feel your battery is almost empty all the time.


If you need more light and lightness because it would be nice if it all felt less dark, heavy and difficult.

If balance, energy, lightness, self-confidence, focus, burn-out or depression is a theme in your life at this moment

Then I can do something for you!


I am a life coach and voice liberator and I use my focus and my full attention to create the opportunity for you to come all the way to yourself. To come home. In your essence, your flow, your life energy.


In a session I look for the energetic logic in your story, in your posture, your presence, your radiance, your voice and in your sound and tell you what stands out about that, where my attention goes, what I feel and what comes to my mind. I am fully present for what consiously or unconsiously requires attention in you and I use time and simplicity to help you find the flow of your life.

What can I do for you


In the more than ten years that I coach people I have experienced that there is no such thing as the right path or the right direction. I therefor mainly guide people in finding their own place.


There are different workshops. From cheerful and energetic to more meditative and insightful. They can be booked seperatly or combined for a company or a team. 


Every relation knows moments of intens love and moments of worry, sadness and pain. It can sometimes be difficult to put into words what is going on. Sound can help you.

What is heard can be healed.

If we use our voice to express what is present in us at this very moment, we will clear up and that gives us clearence. We can get to the flow of our life energy by asking ourselves what is needed in our lives and to sing about that. If what is present in us can find a way out, it can be heard and healed.


Your voice is right between your head and your heart and it is your instrument to express what you feel, think and experience. 

Your voice is very strongly connected to your whole being and by singing or sounding what is in need of attention in your life at this very moment, you can get insights, solve blockages and feel connected and liberated.


In my work I always start in the now. What need’s attention at this moment in your life, in your relationship, your work. What do you need to get an insight, overview or view on how to go ahead. Tune in to what you need now.


I work with the voice. To give sound from the attentive and consious presence of what you feel and experience. Everything can happen here and you can go through different experiences that all bring new sounds.


I work with your whole body. I do everything that is necessary to let you be present in your body with peace and attention. Wake up your body and voice, warm-up or relax. Your body knows many answers if you start listening.


I always start in emptiness. I have very little need to advise, improve, assess or change you. And my emptiness gives a huge space for you to be able to be present. That makes you feel completely seen and heard.


If you want more information or to make an appointment please mail me.