I am a coach, trainer, voice liberator, systemic worker, breath coach, actor and Home Bringer

Because everything I do is always about the same thing: Bringing people home to who they truly are.

I am fully present to what is consciously or unconsciously calling for attention in you and then seek the simplest and most direct way to connect you with your heart, your soul and the flow of your life.


I help people find space within themselves to discover and solve blockages.

A blockage is energy that has lodged itself in your body for whatever reason. It is, as it were, an unfinished movement.

This can cause both physical and mental complaints of which you often do not even know exactly where it comes from.

By looking for the original movement in contact with your body and then completing it, the blockage can be lifted so that energy can flow freely again and resolve complaints.

Voice liberation, Ademwerken and SpiriCo are extremely suitable for this and also provide peace, relaxation and new energy in your life.

more than 25 years of working with body and voice

After years of successfully working as an actor, singer and theater maker, I made the transition to the business world and there I started to focus more and more on personal development, coaching and training.

Because of my own experience with Burnout and Depression and the search that resulted from it, a strong need arose in me to focus on meaningful things in my life. Not only did I have a great hunger for awareness, growth, wisdom and development, I also wanted to contribute to making humanity happier. That seemed to me to be the only way to live peacefully together in this changing world.


In 2010 I started LACHCOMPANY and since then a large part of my life consists of working with people from the body. Making aware of what is felt, thought and experienced in that instrument that we have. And I use silence, relaxation and meditation for that, but also a lot of movement, effort and voice. I offer people space, attention and confidence to come to themselves.

In 2013 I started a train the trainer course at the Academy for Innovative Training and that has set a lot in motion for me. In addition to an enormous deepening in my consciousness, I also gained much more insight into the different energies from which people are present in life and into the fixed patterns in which people can be trapped. Working from color profiling, Enneagram and Systemic constellations has had a life changing effect on me. It has given me insight into my own functioning and given me a solid place to live and work from.


At the Academy for Innovative Training, I then also did the Creative Thinking Masterclass, the Systemic Work Training and various transformation trips that gave me much more depth and foundation to be able to do the work I am doing now.

From 2015 to early 2022 I also worked as a teacher, trainer, actor and in various other roles for the Academy for Innovative Training. It is a unique place where transformation from the existing to a new world really takes shape and where people are offered a truly life-changing experience.


In 2017 I started the Voice Liberator training at the Academy for Voice Liberation. This was another floor in consciously learning to work with body and voice. I could also fully experience there myself that there are always areas in which can be softened, slowed down, stilled and let go.

From the end of 2022 I will be giving workshops for men for the Center for Voice Liberation.


In 2022 I also followed the Ademcoach training ‘The Wounded Healer’ at The Breathwork Coach. A great training led by Lars Faber where I was able to learn a lot of methods and tools that are of enormous value not only for my own development but also in my work with others.




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