Your voice is right between your head and your heart and is your instrument to share your inner world with the outside world. Sharing this can be quite exciting. Small talk works for most people, but sharing what really happens in you, what you feel, what moves you, what you dream, what your desire is, what touches you, what makes you angry, that is of a different order .

Do you want to feel more confident in being able to share who you are? Do you want to learn to express what lives inside you? Do you want to get to know your own voice? Do you want to be able to talk more easily in front of or in a group? Do you want to experience what it’s like when your voice is given the space to sound free? You can!

Contact me for an individual session, but you can also participate in a one-day or multi-day workshop. Check the agenda to see what’s on the schedule.



Each voice liberation session starts with a conversation. This is how we discover together what is asking for attention in you at that moment.

That is often something different than you would expect. That’s why it’s good to arrive calmly and tune in before we get to work with body and voice.

The first step is always accepting where you are now. This is what is happening in my life right now. No matter how sad, painful, terrible or wonderfully beautiful that is.

From there we will give sound to what you feel and experience. The song of that moment. Everything is music and everything can be sung.


Your voice is a wonderful instrument to express who you essentially are and it gives you the opportunity to connect very directly with that which wants to be experienced NOW.

We are all stuck in thoughts, emotions, expectations and patterns. From an early age we unconsciously create blocks to stay safe and survive, but we also keep ourselves at a distance from what life has to offer us.

I will look for the blockages that prevent your energy from flowing freely and you will discover what it takes to reconnect.

I am never trying to change or improve you. I only offer my space and attention to let you come into contact with the life energy that wants to be experienced through you.

The result of a session may be that you change yourself, that you feel better and that you can move more with the flow of your life. And that feels great!


In order to be fully present in our lives, we must learn to get out of the way. We are full of expectations, judgments and fears that get in the way of the free flow of our life energy. Voice liberation helps you to gain insight into where you are getting in the way and what you need to be able to fully and freely steam your energy again.



By connecting with your body, your thoughts and your feelings and using your voice and singing from there, you can offer an exit to stuck patterns of fear, anger, doubt, sadness and pain. What is heard can be healed.



Clarity arises about what needs attention in your life and what is needed in the moment. This can cause you to be shaken up, but also ensures that you are more in your place and learn to trust yourself.



Your voice is a tremendously powerful tool to help you go with the flow of your life. When you break through the blockages and let your essence sound, you often experience feelings of gratitude, love and an enormous life force.




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