More than Talk

SpiriCo is Life Coaching with a spiritual and slightly cheerful approach, aimed at clarifying and deepening who you are and what you have to do in this life.

Spirituality is about being in touch with yourself and your body, where all your experience is stored. By being completely present in this moment and addressing the wisdom of your body, life energy can become visible and blockages and traumas can be processed and lifted.

To gain insight into yourself and your life’s stumbling blocks, SpiriCo uses all sorts of possibilities that are present between heaven and earth. Intuition, Inner Child Work, systemic constellations, innovative forms of coaching, deepening meditations, opening visualizations, breathwork, voice liberation and much more. It can all be used as help.

If you want to continue to develop yourself, it is important not to run away from the difficulties in your life, but to look at and realy feel into these difficult parts. Your ability to put things into perspective can be very helpful in this regard. If you learn not to take yourself and your hassles too seriously and you can still laugh a little at yourself despite pain, sadness and darkness, that is often half the solution.

SpiriCo is a way to look at your life questions and problems with a broad open mind and help from beyond.

Make yourself responsible

For me, life is about taking responsibility for who you are. Know who you are, what you can do well and what always takes effort. What makes your heart beat faster and what is your fear, your shame and anger about. Know who you are and dare to fully stand in it. This is me!


(Re)discover who you are by nature, what you need and what you naturally have to give.


We’ll look at what you’re up against right now, why that’s the case and what steps you can take.


By being attentively present to what you do, think, feel and experience, you go step by step from surviving to living fully. A life that flows effortlessly and generates energy instead of costing it.

How I see life

I have a certain view on life and of course I bring that into my work. A kind of ground rules that I always keep in mind and use as guiding principles.

Below I list a few. That gives you an idea of how I see life and how I also look at your life when I work with you. They are not dogmas. I’m open to anyone who sees it differently.


Everything is intentional

If we think that something or someone should be different than it is, then we are not accepting reality. If it had to be different, it would have been different.

Yet we often feel resistance to reality. That resistance is an expression of being stuck in judgments, ideas, expectations, desires and therefore all resistance we experience is a gift to gain insight, to grow, to develop.

Everything is helpful

Everything that arises in my life is there to help, support, point, push or force me towards being fully present in my body so that my life energy can flow effortlessly.

So I always try to receive everything that comes my way in love and gratitude.

Everything is a choice

I have no control over what comes my way, but I can choose how to deal with it.

Everything I experience takes place within me. And that is the only place where I can influence change. I can never change another.

Everything seeks balance

There are two sides to every coin. One cannot do without the other. There is no light without darkness.

If I desire more love, warmth, happiness or beauty, I must be willing to look at and examine with equal loving attention the hatred, cold, misfortune, and ugliness in my life.

I want to get more out of my life



I am not satisfied and happy with how my life is going.



I make the consious decision to do something about it.



I’m looking for help to transform from survival to a fulfilling life.




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